Are you unhappy with your current commercial cleaning company, but the process of switching to another cleaning firm seems like a daunting task?

There are many reasons why companies may choose to switch their commercial cleaning service provider: lack of professionalism, the need for better service or simply lack of the results you desire.?

Having personally helped many companies transition from one cleaning company to a new cleaning company, the truth is that this process doesn’t have to be as painful as it seems. With proper preparation, and a little help from your ? new cleaning company, the move can be seamless and have little to no impact on your operation.? Here are a few tips for successfully managing the switch:


Make sure your paperwork is in order before signing a new office cleaning contract.

Find out your contract options. When does your current contract end? Does your current contract require you to give notice or charge a fee for ending the contract??

  1. Make a list of requirements and preferences. Whether its a flexible payment schedule, the frequency of cleaning, or the results desired, take a note of what you want in your next cleaning company.
  2. Note any current trouble areas. Does the current cleaning company always move or relocate your desk items or not clean the reception area to your satisfaction? Make sure your new cleaning company is aware of your current issues, and can address the particulars that are important to you? so that they can serve you better.

At CleanSuite, we conduct an on-site customer evaluation for all prospective Indianapolis office cleaning customers, as part of our quote request process. During this session, we interview our customers to learn as much as we can about the business and the areas needing cleaning. We use this information to customize a program for each business, but also to ensure that we adequately staff the site to support the job requirements.

When you have decided to make the transition from your old cleaning company to your new cleaning company, and have all of the necessary paperwork in place with your old vendor and your new vendor, let the new cleaning company know your timetable, so they can get your company on their daily schedule and be prepared to jump right in when you are ready.

Best of luck, and let us know how we can help you if you are considering the switch.