How is CleanSuite different from the rest?

We know that there are many choices in the Indianapolis commercial cleaning market. Perhaps you have used a franchise or another commercial cleaning company in the past, but have been frustrated by the performance, the employee turnover or the response time. CleanSuite is different.

  • Experience: Our chief operating officer has nearly 20 years of commercial cleaning experience. Many franchise owners just don’t have sufficient knowledge or the training to provide the same level of service and support CleanSuite can provide.
  • Team: Our team of 45 professionals, including our area and onsite managers, work hard to exceed your expectations. We have a thorough screening process and perform thorough background checks on all of our employees. Through supporting our team members, paying them fairly, and providing opportunities for advancement, we help keep our turnover to a minimum.
  • Refined Process: Whether we’re helping you transition from a previous cleaning company or helping you prepare for a big event, the CleanSuite team will do whatever it takes to make an impact and give you consistent service and performance. We always meet with our clients at the beginning of our relationship to determine their needs and budget, and customize the frequency of cleaning as well as the level of support needed in order to make a big impact.
  • Environmentally-Conscious: Whenever possible, we use sustainable products and incorporate green cleaning practices into our everyday process to reduce our environmental impact. Upon our clients’ request, we can customize a complete green cleaning package, and assist them with improving their energy-efficiency and incorporating a recycling program.


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